Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ground hog

We are finally starting to settle in our new house. Packing and moving in two weeks is definitely too fast. We are adjusting to a few new things like Campbell not wanting to sleep in a crib anymore and climbing out of his bed. This week I guess the big boy bed is going to have to come out. We were happy to get all the kids in bed last night by 10. That tells you how crazy our nights have been. We live in a house full of night owls.

We our loving our house except for the unexpected guests that we have had. No, I'm not talking about Courts brother coming to visit, we loved having them over. The guest we have had came our first day in the home and Allison spotted something in the window well digging. I looked in thinking I would see a cat. It was the size of a fat cat, but not a cat . We were not sure what it was. We just new it was digging trying to get under our house. It was a bit freaky. The animal control would not come to get it. Court said to hit it with a shovel (ya right). My mom was throwing cups of water on it trying to do who knows what to it(it just made it look like a porcupine) Finally the ROUS (rodent of unusual size) jumped out of the window well making everyone scream, and then scurried down the street. What an eventful day.

Since our visit from the ground hog we have had a skunk sighting in the back yard and then we had to call a professional to suck out the bird nest in the dryer vent. I promise to all that want to visit we do not live in the wilderness just maybe a little to close to the Jordan River.