Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Budah

A few weeks ago Court came home and said that his work (Jordan Valley Water) was doing a piece with Channel 13 talking about water conservation. He told me they needed a house to film in. I told him I'd be fine with it in our house since it would be a fun experience. The next week was spent cleaning cleaning and more cleaning. It is not very often when your bathroom is going to be on tv.

Big Budah is an anchor man for channel 13 and he is allways somewhere doing a live broadcast somewhere. During the the news they will go to him about 8 times different times to talk to him.

Big Budah and his camera man were at our house about 5:45 in the morning. There were about 8 pieces filmed in different areas in and out of my house talking about different water saving facts. It was all done live so I found it very interesting how it was all not rehearsed. He would have to come up with more or less depending on how long they were telling him he had. there were different people from different water districts along with Courtney talking to him.

We all had a fun day especially the kids who had some friends who had watched the news to see them.(of course they had to be in the background some time). Laurens teacher even went to the extent to bring a tv in the classroom and let the kids watch the news while it was on. (We let the girls go an hour late to school)