Saturday, April 18, 2009

I can see the E!

Those that have known me a long time know how long I've had glasses. Lets just say I don't remember not having glasses. I've worn glasses until I was about 13 or so then I got contacts. They were great and I loved them. I have always thought Lasik would be a great thing to have done. I am so blind. When I went to the eye doctor to get my eyes checked for lasik they showed me the E (The big E )and said what can you see, I could not see anything. Deep down I knew Lasik would be great but am a bit of a chicken and it made me a bit scared to mess with my eyes. So I never really thought I would do it.

Thanks to Court who really wanted me to get it done I decided to go for it. When I went to my appointment for the doctor to see if I was a candidate I saw a big jar full of glasses where people had donated their glasses that they no longer needed. I thought I would love to someday put my glasses in there. I am happy to say I put my glasses in that jar this week. I got lasik a month ago and all went well. The good thing about not having glasses is I can see when I wake up in the morning, Packing for trips is easier, and many other great things. I also noticed that the traffic lights are not made up of one green light. The green light is made up of lots of little lights. Don't laugh I've never seen that before, but don't worry I could see the traffic light though. The bad things are I can see when the shower gets dirty, and more crumbs on the floor. Those of you who have thought about Lasik it is great. It's so quick and does not hurt at all.