Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wow two post in one day.  It has only been a few years since my last post.
I did want to put a post about my new blog I have started.  It is dinnersdoneallready.blogspot.  This blog is full of my freezer meal recipes.   I have been doing freezer meals for more then 10 years and I'm always having people asking me for recipes.  This was my reasoning for putting this blog together.  I wish I had pictures for all the recipes  but do not but it is cram packed full of great recipes that have been tried and tested.  Hope you all enjoy.

Those of you that know Lauren know how talented she is.  Recently she made this Barbie doll dress for her teacher.  It is a replica of her teachers wedding dress.  All she did was look at a picture and then put it together.  It took a whole pillow case and a lot of time.  I think it really came out amazing.