Friday, August 1, 2008

East High

On the way to the zoo we go past the famous High School musical East Highschool. I have always wanted to stop and take the kids inside, since we were going by it we decided to stop.

We Walked around the school checking doors. We actually found a door open. We went inside and found the lunch room that they use in the show. There were workers waxing the upstairs floor so we could not get upstairs to check out the other places they filmed the show like the lockers and the gym. They said to come next week when they were done. We peeked down the hall to see what we could see. The girls thought it was fun but we'll have to check it out another time when we have more freedom to roam. When we came home the girls turned on Highschool musical to check out some of the things they saw.


Lisa N. said...

My girls just recently became huge Highschool fans- such a fun show!

Laura said...

I'm very jealous! My girls LOVE HSM! :-)