Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Picture Tag

I don't usually do this tag business but I will this time just to show my sister in law I can. Your supposed to go into your Picture file and find your 4th file and your 4th picture and tell about it. Here I go.
My dad is waiting in line with Hailey at Lego land. You can see Haileys head poking up over the fence. Hailey was happy this year to be able to go on whatever she wanted.
Ok Karin are you shocked?
I am going to tag
Natalie Dansie
Jenn Schmerer
Nicole Hind
Melissa Jacks
Have fun girls


Karin said...

I AM totally impressed. That's for playing along. Hailey is so cute.

Valerie said...

I found you! Boo! :)

crazygirl said...

that's a lot of browns!!!

i'm so glad that you have a BLOG!
i have one too!
welcome to the world of blogging...
now i can keep up with you!
ps that fried egg shake looks GROSS!