Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bee's Bee's lots of bees!

We have a great garden this year. Things are growing like crazy. Certainly the pumpkins, I think we may get around 15.
We think these little bees have something to do with it. This is what it looks like in the back of the yard at the bottom of a shed which is in the neighbors yard. The bees have turned this hole into a honey hive. It is cool to watch them fly in and out. We don't want to kill them cause they are doing good but it is a pain with that many bees back there. The kids are good at just staying away from them. We've only had one kid stung. We will go through the winter and see what has happened to them next year and then we'll decide what to do. But for right now hurray for the bees.

1 comment:

Bryn said...

Your garden looks great!
Glad the bees haven't been too bothersome!