Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

What a great night for Trick or Treating. The weather was nice and nobody was sick. Allison went trick or treating with her friends this year which we were not real excited about, but she was responsible and had a great time. Everyone got a lot of candy and will probably be up all night.

Happy Halloween

Allison -Alice in Wonderland
Hailey-Cinderella fairy
Campbell- Cowboy


Luthi said...

way way way cute...loved the knight!

Nichole said...

Very cute! Your kids are getting so big!

FLEUR de Lo said...

I love your cute little cowboy! Looks like you had fun.

FLEUR de Lo said...

{Sorry I forgot I was signed in with my business ID--it's Lora from the ward.}

Natalie said...

Cute costumes. I especially love your little cowboy. It was the perfect night for trick-or-treating!

Hadley Family said...

They're darling!!! Love the costumes. Hope you had a fun night!